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13.05.2010 - The Executive Agency for Forests caries out checks as a follow-up on received anonymous information published on www.spasigorata.net

Illegal felling of trees in the area of Zdravets and Benkovski, Avren Municipality

The field and documentary check carried out in the areas mentioned in the information, and in particular the areas surrounding the villages Zdravets and Benkovski, which form a part of the Public Stock Land, verified complete deforestation by wood felling within the perimeter of woods, which have perished in a fire.  According to applicable legislation in force the Bulgarian Forestry Service is obligated to remove such trees for sanitation reasons not later than 2 years after identifying the damage. Ad hoc, the wood logging covered an area of 2.5 ha, which was divided into 4 sections and was undertaken on the basis of permits for the felling of the burnt areas issued on the grounds of a protocol dated 19 January 2009.

Within the boundaries of Zdravets village a wood felling campaign was undertaken for the purpose of short-term renewal on the basis of an approved forestation project for land that forms a part of the forest stock land in 2010.



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