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15.10.2023 - The Working group/hub on bioeconomy seeks solutions for the development of the circular bioeconomy at a national workshop in Yundola in implementation of CEE2ACT project, funded by the EU's Horizon Europe program

Executive Forest Agency as a beneficiary of the CEE2ACT project "Empowering the Central and Eastern European Countries to Develop Circular Bioeconomy Strategies and Action Plans" organized and held on 12-13 October, 2023 in Yundola "G. St. Avramov" Training and Experimental Forest Range, run by the University of Forestry, the first workshop of a series of workshops on the project and second working meeting of the Working group/hub on bioeconomy, established by orders of the Minister of Agriculture and Food. The workshop was on the topic "Building trust and understanding between stakeholders for the development of bioeconomy strategies" - National Launch of CEE2ACT National Bioeconomy Hubs in implementation of Work package 3 "Engagement of stakeholders" of the project.

The participants in the event - the CEE2ACT/EFA project management and implementation team and more than 20 representatives of the Bulgarian stakeholders from the state administration, science, branch organizations and business, organized in this Working group/hub on bioeconomy, joined efforts to prepare a vision with identified priorities/strategic goals for the development of National Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan in Bulgaria. 

Dipl. Eng. Miroslav Marinov - Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food and Chairman of the Working group on bioeconomy, Dipl. Eng. Stoyan Toshev - Executive Director of EFA and Deputy Chairman of the Working group on bioeconomy and Dipl. Eng. Valentin Chambov – director of Southwest State Forest Company – Blagoevgrad and member of the WG/hub on bioeconomy joined the workshop on bioeconomy, expressing full support for the development of national bioeconomy strategy. In addition, in their speeches both the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the working group emphasized that its main task is to prepare a vision and road map for the development of the National Strategy for the development of the bioeconomy in Bulgaria with identified priorities and strategic goals with a corresponding action plan. They also emphasized the fact that through the development of the bioeconomy, our country will have the opportunity to support strengthen the relation between the economy, society and the environment. With the preparation and launch of the implementation of the national strategic document for the development of the bioeconomy in the country the following will be achieved:

- more efficient use of biological resources;

- creating higher added value;

- creating new jobs;

- knowledge and capacity building of the employees and managers of the separate sectors;

- economic, social and environmental sustainability in the management of the relevant sectors.

Dipl. Eng. Marinov emphasized that in the working group on bioeconomy we tried to include representatives of the entire spectrum of stakeholders, from the administration - various ministries and agencies, as well as representatives of scientific and branch organizations, business, etc., in order we cover the whole diversity of sectors contributing to the development of the bioeconomy.

During the first half a day of the workshop, the experts from EFA, Dipl. Eng. Lubcho Trichkov, PhD, Dipl. Eng. Nestor Domuschiev, PhD and Ms. Daryana Manova presented presentations on the topics: "Development of the bioeconomy in Bulgaria, existing sectoral and regional policies in the field of the bioeconomy", "Work packages, objectives, tasks and progress of "Empowering the Central and Eastern European Countries to Develop Circular Bioeconomy Strategies and Action Plans" Project - CEE2ACT"" and "Bioeconomy in the CEE2ACT project partner countries – videos about the experience in this area of the partners from Austria, Germany and Finland".  

During the discussions of the first half a day of the workshop, Dipl. Eng. Trichkov, PhD, presented a draft version of vision, strategic goals and composition of the thematic working subgroups formed and tasked to work on the respective goals to refine the text and content of the goals. 

During the second half a day of the workshop, the thematic working subgroups worked on the vision and on the respective strategic objectives, after which a representative from each thematic working subgroup reported to the general working group on the progress made on them. 

During the workshop, the other members of the project management and implementation team - Nikoleta Dineva and Dipl. Eng. Katerina Kutina - took active part in its activities, and in addition interviews were conducted and recorded with four representatives from the stakeholders participating in the event in Yundola - Prof. Dipl. Eng. Angel Angelov (University of Food Technologies - Plovdiv), PhD, Dipl. Eng. Nikolay Vasilev (Ministry of Agriculture and Food), Dipl. Eng. Petar Dishkov (Bulgarian Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry and "Kronospan Bulgaria") and Mr. Martin Stoyanov (Bulgarian Industrial Association) about their role in the WG/hub on bioeconomy. The moderator of the workshop, Dipl. Eng. L. Trichkov, PhD, at the end of the second half a day of the workshop, summarized what’s accomplished and what’re the upcoming tasks of the thematic working subgroups.

For more information about the project, see the following webpages:   http://www.iag.bg/bioeconomy/lang/1/year/2023/month/10/page/1/archive, https://www.cee2act.eu/, https://twitter.com/CEE2ACT.



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